Finding signal to noise ratio

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Tinkul 2014년 5월 8일
댓글: cbentter 2020년 4월 2일
I have a signal x=[34;56;12;87;35]
I have added some noise with the signal x. After denoising i have got the output
x0=[ 33.88;55;11.11;86.77;34.99]
Now how can i find out SNR? please help....

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Sven 2014년 5월 8일
편집: Sven 2014년 5월 8일
Hi Tinkul, does this help you out? I assume that the values you gave are already in your desired units (although true SNR is based on power of signals, not necessarily the signals themselves)
signal = [34;56;12;87;35]
response = [ 33.88;55;11.11;86.77;34.99]
noise = response - signal
rawratio = signal ./ abs(noise)
snr = 10*log10(rawratio)
ans =
This shows that in your observations the signal is in the order of hundreds of times greater than the noise between true and measured response (in the rawratio variable). Signal-to-noise ratio is often (usually) given in decibels (db) which is 10log10(signal/noise)
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cbentter 2020년 4월 2일
But if you only have the signal with the noise?

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