how can I vary the parameters in s-functions

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Parsa 2014년 3월 25일
답변: Chandrasekhar 2014년 3월 28일
I have a simulink model with a Matlab Level-1 S-Function block. It has some parameters that are all written in structure form and constant valuse. I want to vary one of these valuse in a specific range , sth like "for loop" , and to have the certain and seperate output values for each of those variable values. how can I do this ? Also can we use an S-Function in a for loop ? for example by handling or inlining it ? Details are here: First I wrote an M-File and defined my parameters : v_data=struct('Kcr_f',1,'Kcr_r',1,'u0',30)
then I developed my S-Function ,specified v-data in "mdlInitializeSizes" ,and run it very well; Yes , no problem with these constant valuse.
Now I want to vary the parameter "u0" from 1 to 40 and have seperate outputs from each of these varying values ; how can I do this ?
Tnx for your attention

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Chandrasekhar 2014년 3월 28일
the parameters which has to be varied should be declared as parameters in the function definition of the s function.


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