MATLAB keeps crashing, particularly opening help and during using plottools..

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I've recently installed Matlab 2013b on Windows 7, it seems to have installed OK but keeps crashing. The help has always crashed but plotools is also causing it to crash. Any ideas on how I can track down the problem?
Cheers Richard
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2018년 4월 3일
There should be a message at the end of the crash log file asking you to send it to MathWorks Support for investigation. If there isn't such a message, well, that's what you should do. Use the Contact Us link to create a Support request and include the crash log file and ideally the code you were running or the steps you did (I clicked on this button in the figure window, I dragged the divider between two MATLAB Desktop components, etc.) when MATLAB crashed.

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Razvan 2014년 2월 6일
I also noticed that the help of Matlab stops responding sometimes... For example if I try to search something in the help window by pressing Ctrl+F, then the help window gets frozen...
Where exactly are the crash dump files, and how are they called? Are these produced if the program just freezes?
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Pedro Magalhães
Pedro Magalhães 2020년 3월 3일
This solution worked for me with MATLAB R2017a Linux on a Debian 10 system.

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