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How to find minimum and maximum values?

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I have to matrices A and B which both of them are p*q matrices. I want to compare each member of A and B like A(i,j) and B(i,j) and put the maximum in a matrix like C it the same position of (i,j) and the minimum in the other matrix like D in the same position of (i,j). I want to use MATLAB special features.

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek 28 Jan 2014

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Arturo Jr Bayangks
Arturo Jr Bayangks 5 Sep 2018
what if you had more than 2 matrix ?
Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick 5 Sep 2018
@Arturo Jr Bayangks: for several matrices try this:
Clearly this would get unwieldy for lots of separate variables, which is why it is recommended to store such data in one cell array, e.g. X:
Once you notice that cat just joins all of the data into one array then you might think to skip the stage of having lots of separate arrays altogether, and simply store your data in one array to start with, e.g. Y:
Then you are on your way to writing simpler, more efficient MATLAB code.
For ND arrays with more than 2 non-scalar dimensions, increase 3 to a suitable dimension.

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Thomas 28 Jan 2014
you can use min() & max() functions
min (matrix) %returns the minimum
max (matrix) %returns the maximum

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