Saving and loading GUI data

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B_Richardson 2011년 7월 11일
답변: Veera Kanmani 2018년 4월 20일
Goodmorning everyone!
I have a question concerning the nature of data in a GUI. This code creates a figure with a popupmenu and a listbox. A cell array is created with 50 cells that need to be filled with the selections of the listbox and popupmenu:
function [] = pop_ex()
% Help goes here.
S.fh = figure('units','pixels',...
'position',[100 300 120 140],...
S.pp = uicontrol('style','pop',...
'position',[20 20 80 40],...
'callback',@pp_call); = uicontrol('style','list',...
'position',[20 80 80 40],...
S.C = cell(1,50);
S.cnt = 1;guidata(S.fh,S)
function [] = pp_call(varargin)
% Callback for the popup.
S = guidata(gcbf);
A = zeros(length(get(S.pp,'string')),length(get(,'string')));
A(get(S.pp,'val'),get(,'val')) = 1;
S.C(S.cnt) = {A}; % Update this particular element of the cell.
S.cnt = S.cnt + 1; % Increment the counter.
guidata(S.fh,S) % Resave the structure so updates are not lost.
S.C{:} % Show in the command window.
My question is instead of creating a new cell array on each run, how could I load the same cell array each time? So that the users could for instance, work on cells 1-15 one time. Then lets say 23-30 next time, and so on? (by the way, this is just test code and my final product will be built from GUIDE)
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B_Richardson 2011년 7월 11일
What do you mean by a "working file?" I was thinking or writing the cell array to a csv file after each run then loading that same file whenever the GUI is ran? does that make sense? I'm not sure if that is the best approach

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Veera Kanmani
Veera Kanmani 2018년 4월 20일


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