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How to display selected row on table?

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Bijit Banik
Bijit Banik 9 Jul 2011
I was trying to make a program using guide to load data from excel or text file and then to display them on a table. Up to this it was fine but now I want to display some specific row on the table, which will be called from another button (say, search maximum). So, when I will click 'search maximum' button it will search maximum value and will bring the row having maximum value on the current window of the table. There might be thousands of data so I don't want to find my maximum value by scrooling down.
Does anyone can help me in doing that?
Thanks a billion..

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 9 Jul 2011
Let's say you have a 100x2 matrix, you want to search the maximum on first column and then display a few rows around the maximum to your uitable or a table in your GUI.

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Bijit Banik
Bijit Banik 9 Jul 2011
Thanks Jiang for your reply. But I don't want to lose any data. All those 100 data will be on the table but the part of having maximum value will appear on current window. I can get other data just by scrolling the table. How can I do that?
Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 11 Jul 2011
I see your point. If h=uitable('Data',(1:100)'), is there a way to control the vertical scroll bar programatically? I have not found a way. Anyone else chimes in?

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