Problem variable doesn't appear/refresh in the variable editor

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Hi everyone
I have a problem, I have a GUI function where a table of data (cell 1152,6) is display When I select cell and click on a button, I should annoted the column 6 with a string : "R-1"
For example : my table at the begining is like that:
when I select cells and click on the button the callback of the button is:
choixRejet = 'R-1'
for i=1:length(cellSel)
It works well when I display the new table (tabRejet):
But my problem is that when I go to the workspace and look at the infra.capteur(3,1).data.tabRejet the colomn 6 stay empty, there are no R-1, while when I print infra.capteur(3,1).data.tabRejet in the code I do:
for i=1:length(cellSel)
%affichage en rouge des timestamps rejetés
My R-1 appears?!??!??
Why it doesn't appears in the variable in the workspace? My variable infra is define as global in main.m and I annotate it in a gui myFile.m


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