I plotted a curve by putting 3 loops in it.I got the plot but while trying to take the out put to the excel sheet am getting only the random values.How to solve this issue

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for t = 1:1:5 for j = 6:1:10 for k = 11:1:P-1 Xt = [x(t) x(t+1)]; Yt = [y(t) y(t+1)]; Xj = [x(j) x(j+1)]; Yj = [y(j) y(j+1)]; Xk = [x(k) x(k+1)]; Yk = [y(k) y(k+1)];
X1t = [x1(t) x1(t+1)];
Y1t = [y1(t) y1(t+1)];
X1j = [x1(j) x1(j+1)];
Y1j = [y1(j) y1(j+1)];
X1k = [x1(k) x1(k+1)];
Y1k = [y1(k) y1(k+1)];
Xit = mean(Xt)+.36;
Yit = mean(Yt)+.4;
Xij = mean(Xj)+.8;
Yij = mean(Yj)+.4;
Xik = mean(Xk)+1.1;
Yik = mean(Yk)+.4;
Xi1t = mean(X1t)+.36;
Yi1t = mean(Y1t)+.4;
Xi1j = mean(X1j)+.8;
Yi1j = mean(Y1j)+.4;
Xi1k = mean(X1k)+1.1;
Yi1k = mean(Y1k)+.4;
Xat = [Xt(1) Xit Xt(2)];
Yat = [Yt(1) Yit Yt(2)];
Xaj = [Xj(1) Xij Xj(2)];
Yaj = [Yj(1) Yij Yj(2)];
Xak = [Xk(1) Xik Xk(2)];
Yak = [Yk(1) Yik Yk(2)];
Xa1t = [X1t(1) Xi1t X1t(2)];
Ya1t = [Y1t(1) Yi1t Y1t(2)];
Xa1j = [X1j(1) Xij X1j(2)];
Ya1j = [Y1j(1) Yi1j Y1j(2)];
Xa1k = [X1k(1) Xi1k X1k(2)];
Ya1k = [Y1k(1) Yi1k Y1k(2)];
Tt = 1:numel(Xat);
Tj = 1:numel(Xaj);
Tk = 1:numel(Xak);
T1t = 1:numel(Xa1t);
T1j = 1:numel(Xa1j);
T1k = 1:numel(Xa1k);
tst = linspace(min(Tt),max(Tt),numel(Xat)*1000);
tsj = linspace(min(Tj),max(Tj),numel(Xaj)*1000);
tsk = linspace(min(Tk),max(Tk),numel(Xak)*1000);
tst1 = linspace(min(T1t),max(T1t),numel(Xa1t)*1000);
tsj1 = linspace(min(T1j),max(T1j),numel(Xa1j)*1000);
tsk1 = linspace(min(T1k),max(T1k),numel(Xa1k)*1000);
xxt = spline(Tt,Xat,tst);
yyt = spline(Tt,Yat,tst);
xxj = spline(Tj,Xaj,tsj);
yyj = spline(Tj,Yaj,tsj);
xxk = spline(Tk,Xak,tsk);
yyk = spline(Tk,Yak,tsk);
xxt1 = spline(T1t,Xa1t,tst1);
yyt1 = spline(T1t,Ya1t,tst1);
xxj1 = spline(T1j,Xa1j,tsj1);
yyj1 = spline(T1j,Ya1j,tsj1);
xxk1 = spline(T1k,Xa1k,tsk1);
yyk1 = spline(T1k,Ya1k,tsk1);
plot(yyt,xxt); hold on;
plot(yyj,xxj); hold on;
plot(yyk,xxk); hold on;
plot(yyt1,xxt1); hold on;
plot(yyj1,xxj1); hold on;
plot(yyk1,xxk1); hold on;


John Petersen
John Petersen 2014년 1월 4일
use fprintf or diary


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