In Guide, How to insert Tab design

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dmfwlansejr 2021년 8월 17일
댓글: Rik 2021년 8월 17일
I find it following
f = uifigure;
tgroup = uitabgroup(f);
tab1 = uitab(tgroup,'Title','Tab One');
tab2 = uitab(tgroup,'Title','Tab Two');
tgroup.SelectedTab = tab2;
This code copy and paste is work well.
But, How to insert in Guide program !
The reason why I do so, is legacy code exist
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Rik 2021년 8월 17일
You can either edit the figure with GUIDE, or put code like this in the startup function.
If you're making meaningful edits you might also consider rebuilding your GUI outside of GUIDE.

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