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How to scale matrix size from A x B to M x N

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Kaloyan 4 Nov 2013
댓글: Kaloyan 4 Nov 2013
Hello! I have a matrix with size X by 752 elements. The X size (number of rows) is unknown and depends on the gathered data. The data is a line with 752 values from 0 to 255. So when I gather the data, I need to rezise the matrix to a (X*0.125) by (752/somenumber) and the values from 0-255 to 0-100. The final data is shown as an image with imshow(data).
Can you tell me is this scaling possible, because I had no success using scale() and other methods?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 4 Nov 2013
Use imresize() and mat2gray().

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Kaloyan 4 Nov 2013
Thank you very much :) It works!

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