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How do I add multiple files to RF Toolbox

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Jim 30 Oct 2013
댓글: Akila Udage 23 Nov 2020
I am trying to plot lab data from a network analyzer. I want to use RF Toolbox. How do I include data from multiple data files on one plot using RF Toolbox

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Mark 31 Oct 2013
Is the lab data in Touchstone file format? If so, then
>> S1 = sparameters(file1.s2p);
>> rfplot(S1)
>> hold on
>> S2 = sparameters(file2.s2p);
>> rfplot(S2)
>> S3 = sparameters(file3.s2p);
>> rfplot(S3)
will work.
Best wishes,

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Akila Udage
Akila Udage 23 Nov 2020
Thank you.
Can i please know how to change the legend names?

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