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Determine if DWT filter bank is biorthogonal



tf = isBiorthogonal(fb) returns true if the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) filter bank fb is a biorthogonal filter bank and false otherwise.

To determine if a DWT filter bank is orthogonal, use isOrthogonal.

tf = isBiorthogonal(fb,tol) uses the positive real-valued tolerance tol to determine the biorthogonality of the filter bank fb. tol is a small positive number in the interval (0, 10-2]. If unspecified, tol defaults to 10-5.


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Check whether a filter bank is biorthogonal.

fb = dwtfilterbank('Wavelet','bior4.4');
ans = logical

Input Arguments

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Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) filter bank, specified as a dwtfilterbank object.

Tolerance to use to determine biorthogonality of the filter bank, specified as a positive scalar in the interval (0,10-2]. The sum of both scaling filters must be within tol of √2 and the sum of both wavelet filters must be less than tol.

Version History

Introduced in R2018a