Extract Architecture from Simulink Model

You can use System Composer™ architecture editing and analysis capabilities on Simulink models by extracting the architecture from Simulink models. Model and Subsystem blocks, as well as all ports in a Simulink model represent architectural constructs; whereas all other blocks represent some kind of dynamic or algorithmic behavior. In the resulting architecture model you can choose to represent only architectural constructs, or link to behavior models.

For example, open the model ex_modeling_component_reuse.slx.

  1. On the Simulink model, select File > Export Model to > Architecture Model.

  2. Provide a name and path for the architecture model.

  3. Click Export.

Each subsystem in the Simulink model corresponds to a component in the architecture model so that the hierarchy in the architecture model reflects the hierarchy of the behavior model.

The requirements for subsystems and Model blocks in the Simulink® model are preserved in the architecture model.

Any Model block in the Simulink model that references another model corresponds to a component that links to that same referenced model.

Buses at subsystem and Model block ports, as well as their dictionary links are preserved in the architecture model.

You can use the exported model to add architecture-related information such as interface definitions, non-functional properties for model elements and analyze the design.

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