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단계적 회귀

단계적 회귀를 사용한 변수 선택

회귀 학습기Train regression models to predict data using supervised machine learning


LinearModel선형 회귀 모델


stepwiselmPerform stepwise regression
fitlm선형 회귀 모델 피팅하기
addTermsAdd terms to linear regression model
removeTermsRemove terms from linear regression model
stepImprove linear regression model by adding or removing terms
stepwiseInteractive stepwise regression
stepwisefitFit linear regression model using stepwise regression
plotPartialDependenceCreate partial dependence plot (PDP) and individual conditional expectation (ICE) plots

도움말 항목

Stepwise Regression

In stepwise regression, predictors are automatically added to or trimmed from a model.

Linear Regression with Interaction Effects

Construct and analyze a linear regression model with interaction effects and interpret the results.

Wilkinson Notation

Wilkinson notation provides a way to describe regression and repeated measures models without specifying coefficient values.