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의사 결정 응용 사례에 사용할 조합 논리 표현

진리표 함수는 간결한 테이블 형식으로 조합 논리 설계를 구현합니다. Stateflow® 차트 내에 진리표를 포함하거나 Truth Table 블록을 직접 Simulink® 모델에 추가합니다.


Truth TableRepresent logical decision-making behavior with conditions, decisions, and actions

도움말 항목

Use Truth Tables to Model Combinatorial Logic

Express combinatorial logic in tabular form.

Program a Truth Table

Define the logical behavior of a truth table.

Debug Errors in a Truth Table

Use breakpoints to debug truth tables.

Correct Overspecified and Underspecified Truth Tables

Run diagnostic checks to detect errors in truth table specification.

Map Fault Conditions to Actions by Using Truth Tables

Use truth tables to map fault conditions to their consequent actions.

Export Stateflow Functions for Reuse

Extend the scope of your functions to other blocks in a Simulink model.

Reuse Functions by Using Atomic Boxes

Encapsulate reusable functions in a separate namespace.

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