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Stateflow 편집기 인터페이스

Stateflow® 편집기를 통해 차트 요소 관리

Stateflow 차트의 모양을 변경합니다. 그래픽 객체와 비그래픽 객체를 추가합니다. 차트를 편집하는 동안 오류를 찾아서 수정합니다.

도움말 항목

Stateflow Editor Operations

Construct Stateflow charts in the Stateflow Editor.

Use the Search and Replace Tool

Find and replace text in Stateflow charts.

Manage Symbols in the Stateflow Editor

Add, delete, and trace nongraphical objects.

Resolve Symbols Through the Symbols Pane

Use the Model Explorer with Stateflow Objects

Create, display, modify, and delete Stateflow objects in a Simulink® model.

Add Descriptive Comments in a Chart

Create descriptive annotations in your chart.

Visualize Chart Execution with the Activity Profiler

Visualize the duration that a state is active, times that a transition is taken, and how often a function is called within a Stateflow chart.

Detect Modeling Errors During Edit Time

Discover modeling errors as you design your Stateflow chart.

Connect Dashboard Blocks to Stateflow

Dashboard blocks help you to control and visualize your Stateflow chart during simulation and while your simulation is paused.