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Zoom out on Stateflow chart



zoomOut(editor) reduces the magnification level of the Stateflow.Editor object editor for a chart.


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Decrease the magnification level of a nonempty chart ch.

ed = ch.Editor;

If the magnification level for the chart was initially 100%, this command decreases it to 76.9%.

Input Arguments

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Editor for a chart, specified as a Stateflow.Editor object. The Stateflow.Editor object provides access to the graphical aspects of a chart. For example, to access the Stateflow.Editor object for a Stateflow.Chart object ch, enter:

ed = ch.Editor;


The zoomOut function modifies the ZoomFactor property of the Stateflow.Editor object. The property is limited to a minimum of 0.5 and a maximum of 10. zoomOut divides ZoomFactor by a factor of 1.3 as long as the resulting value is in this range. Otherwise, zoomOut sets ZoomFactor to the minimum value of 0.5.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a