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Profile for SoC Blockset systems

Since R2022b


The soc_blockset_profile specifies the set of stereotypes that define the general properties and constraints of an SoC Blockset™ system, specifically, the properties of the processors and software. For more information on how to use the soc_blockset_profile in SoC application design, see Design SoC Model Using System Composer.


The soc_blockset_profile is included in the SoC Blockset. To access the profile, load the file <matlabroot>/toolbox/soc/processor/utilities/soc_blockset_profile.xml.


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The set of stereotypes specific to an SoC Blockset software system. The stereotypes include ProcessorCore, PeriodicSoftwareTask, and AperiodicSoftwareTask.

Data Types: char

Version History

Introduced in R2022b