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Manage Navigation Backlinks in External Requirements Documents

Simulink® Requirements™ enables you to insert navigation backlinks in external requirements documents to match requirement links in Simulink. The software also enables you to remove unmatched backlinks from external requirements documents when there is not a matching link from Simulink to a requirement in the document.

You can insert navigation backlinks in:

  • Microsoft® Word documents,

  • Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets, and

  • IBM® Rational® DOORS® modules.

When you insert a navigation backlink in an external requirements document, Simulink Requirements creates two link artifacts - a link (slreq.Link object) in Simulink Requirements and a navigation hyperlink (backlink) icon in the external requirements document. Backlink management in Simulink Requirements helps you synchronize both these link artifacts.

To insert or remove backlinks for your requirements, navigate to the Links view in the Requirements Editor or Requirements Perspective View. Right-click the link set file corresponding to the currently open model and click Update Backlinks. The Backlinks checked dialog box displays the total count of added and removed backlinks.

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