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Review and Maintain Requirements Links

Review, maintain, and manage requirements links

Review requirements traceability information by using model highlighting. Validate requirement links using the Model Advisor. Create and customize requirements traceability reports.


rmiInteract programmatically with Requirements Management Interface
rmiobjnavigateNavigate to model objects using unique Requirements Management Interface identifiers
rmitagManage user tags for requirements links
slwebview_reqExport Simulink system to Web views with requirements
rmidocrenameUpdate model requirements document paths and file names
rmiref.insertRefsInsert links to models into requirements documents
rmiref.removeRefsRemove backlinks to models from requirements documents


System RequirementsList system requirements in Simulink models


Highlight Model Objects with Requirements

Highlight a model to see which objects in the model have links to requirements in external documents.

Navigate to Simulink Objects from External Documents

Navigate from external documents to Simulink® model objects.

View Requirements Details for a Selected Block

Select a block and view requirement details in the Simulink canvas.

Generate Code for Models with Requirements Links

Set configuration parameters so that information about requirements links is included in the generated code.

Create and Customize Requirements Traceability Reports

Generate requirements traceability reports for your Simulink models.

Create Requirements Traceability Report for A Project

Generate report of requirements traceability links for files in projects.

Validate Requirements Links

Detect and resolve outdated and invalid requirements links in the model or in the requirements document.

Delete Requirements Links from Simulink Objects

Delete requirements links from Simulink model objects and maintain link integrity.

Document Path Storage

Learn where the RMI looks to resolve the absolute or relative path you specify for a requirement.

How to Include Linked Requirements Details in Generated Report

The requirements report is a feature in RMI that scans the Simulink model for links to external requirements documents and generates a report.

Managing Requirements Without Modifying Simulink Model Files

Simulink Requirements supports two different ways to store link data for Simulink models: you can either embed link data in the .slx file, or you can store links in an external .slmx file (external .req file for R2017a and earlier releases).