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System Requirements

List system requirements in Simulink models

  • System Requirements block

Requirements Toolbox


The System Requirements block lists the system-level requirements associated with a model or subsystem. This block is dynamically populated. It displays system requirements associated with the level of hierarchy in which the block appears in the model. It does not list requirements associated with individual blocks in the model. To list desired requirement links in the System Requirements block:

  1. Right-click the background of your model.

  2. Select Requirements at This Level.

  3. From the top of the context menu, verify that all the requirements you want to list appear in the System Requirements block.

You can place this block anywhere in your model. It does not connect to other Simulink® blocks. You can have only one System Requirements block in a given subsystem.

When you insert this block into your Simulink model, it is populated with the system requirements.

A System Requirements block with one requirement

Each of the listed requirements is an active link to the requirements document. When you double-click a requirement label, the associated requirements document opens in its editor window, scrolled to the target location.


Block Title

The title of the system requirements list in the model. The default title is System Requirements. You can enter a customized title, for example, Engine Requirements.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a