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Retrieve child requirements and assumptions in Requirements Table block

Since R2022a



children = getChildren(row) returns the child requirements or assumptions of the row specified by row.


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Retrieve the RequirementsTable object from a model named myModel.

table = slreq.modeling.find("myModel");

Retrieve the top-level requirements as an array of RequirementRow objects.

row = getRequirementRows(table);

Retrieve the child requirements of the first requirement as an array of RequirementRow objects.

children = getChildren(row(1));

You can find children of the child rows by calling getChildren on child rows.

Input Arguments

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Requirement or assumption in a Requirements Table block, specified as a RequirementRow or AssumptionRow object. To retrieve the row, use getRequirementRows or getAssumptionRows.

Output Arguments

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Child requirements or assumptions, specified as an array of RequirementRow or AssumptionRow objects. For more information on requirement hierarchies in Requirements Table blocks, see Establish Hierarchy in Requirements Table Blocks.

Version History

Introduced in R2022a