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Class: slmetric.config.Configuration
Package: slmetric.config

Specify metric threshold configurations



TH = getThresholdConfigurations(CO) returns the slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object that an slmetric.config.Configuration object owns. Use this object to hold specific metric threshold configurations. Metric threshold configurations are compliant, warning, and noncompliant ranges for a specific metric.

Input Arguments

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slmetric.config.Configuration object for which you create a metric threshold configuration. By default, an slmetric.config.Configuration object holds an empty slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object.

Output Arguments

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slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object for which you add thresholds corresponding to compliant, noncompliant, and warning ranges for a specific metric.


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By default, an slmetric.config.Configuration object holds one slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object. Use the getThresholdConfigurations method to add this object to the base workspace. You can then use the slmetric.config.addThreshold method to add slmetric.config.Threshold objects to this slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object.

Create an slmetric.config.Configuration object.

CONF ='name', 'Config');

Get the default slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object in CONF.

TC = getThresholdConfigurations(CONF);

Add an slmetric.config.Threshold object to the slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object TC. This threshold is for the mathworks.metrics.SubSystemCount metric and the Value property of the slmetric.metric.Results object.

E = addThreshold(TC,'mathworks.metrics.SubSystemCount','Value');

Use the slmetric.config.Classification and slmetric.config.MetricRange class properties to specify threshold values corresponding to the mathworks.metrics.SubsystemCount metric.

Version History

Introduced in R2018b