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Create a Project from a Model

Create a project to organize your model and any dependent files. Use Create Project from Model to run a dependency analysis on your top model to identify required files.


For a simpler option that automates more steps for you, see instead Create a New Project From a Folder.

Projects can help you organize your work and collaborate in teams. The project can help you to:

  • Find all your required files

  • Manage and share files, settings, and user-defined tasks

  • Interact with source control.

  1. In a Simulink® model, on the Simulation tab, select New > Project > New Project from this Model.

    Simulink runs dependency analysis on your model to identify required files and a project root location that contains all dependencies.

  2. In the New Project dialog box, edit any settings you want to change:

    • Project name — By default, the name of the suggested project root folder. Edit if desired.

    • Project folder — A folder that dependency analysis identified to contain all dependencies. If you want, click to select a different folder in the file system hierarchy between the file system root and the model folder.

    • Files to include — Files to include in the project. Files with selected check boxes are identified by dependency analysis. Select check boxes to specify all the files you want to include.

      Any external dependencies are listed. If required files are outside your project root, then you cannot add these files to your project. An external dependency might not indicate a problem if the file is on your path and is a utility or other resource that is not part of your project.

    • If you do not want to make a shortcut to the top-level file, or add all the folders to the project path, under More Options, clear the check boxes. Alternatively, you can edit these project settings later.

  3. Click Create to create the project containing your model and any other specified files.

For an example showing what you can do with projects, see Explore Project Tools with the Airframe Project.

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