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Generate baseline Model Advisor report or compare current report to baseline report


Use the [success message]= verifyHTML(ma,baseline) method to generate a Model Advisor report or to compare a current report to a baseline report.

This method enables you to compare a Model Advisor report with a baseline report to determine if they differ. You can use the method to generate the baseline report and perform current-to-baseline report comparisons. To generate a baseline report, use the setBaselineMode method to put the Model Advisor in baseline mode. Invoke this method with the baseline argument set to the location where you want to store the baseline report. To perform a current-to-baseline report comparison, first make sure that the Model Advisor is not in baseline mode. Then, invoke this method with the path of the baseline report as the value of the baseline input argument.

Input Arguments

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Simulink.ModelAdvisor object for which you want to generate a baseline report or compare current report to baseline report

Path to baseline Model Advisor report

Output Arguments

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Boolean value that indicates whether the method is successful. If the Model Advisor is in baseline mode, this method stores the most recently generated Model Advisor report at the location specified by the baseline input argument. If the method is unable to store a copy of the report at the specified location, it returns false in the output variable success. The reason for the failure is in the output variable message. If the Model Advisor is not in baseline mode, this method compares the report most recently generated by the Model Advisor with the report specified by baseline. If the current report has the same content as the baseline report, this method returns true as the value of the success output variable.

Message indicating whether the Model Advisor is able to successfully store a report.

Version History

Introduced in R2006a