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모델 어드바이저 검사 실행하기

모델이 정확하고 효율적으로 시뮬레이션되는지 검사

모델 어드바이저는 모델 또는 서브시스템을 대상으로 부정확하거나 비효율적인 시뮬레이션을 초래할 수 있는 조건이나 구성 설정이 있는지 검사합니다. 검사할 조건과 설정을 직접 지정할 수 있습니다. Check Your Model Using the Model Advisor 항목을 참조하십시오.


modeladvisor모델 어드바이저 열기


Simulink.ModelAdvisor Run Model Advisor from MATLAB file
ModelAdvisor.PreferencesSet Model Advisor window preferences by specifying which folders and tabs to display


모두 확장

Identify unconnected lines, input ports, and output ports
Check root model Inport block specifications
Check optimization settings
Check for parameter tunability information ignored for referenced models
Check for implicit signal resolution
Check for optimal bus virtuality
Check for calls to slDataTypeAndScale
Check for Discrete-Time Integrator blocks with initial condition uncertainty
Identify disabled library links
Identify parameterized library links
Identify unresolved library links
Identify configurable subsystem blocks for converting to variant subsystem blocks
Check usage of function-call connections
Runtime diagnostics for S-functions
Check if read/write diagnostics are enabled for data store blocks
Check Data Store Memory blocks for multitasking, strong typing, and shadowing issues
Consult the Upgrade Advisor
Check for non-continuous signals driving derivative ports
Check structure parameter usage with bus signals
Check for potentially delayed function-call subsystem return values
Identify block output signals with continuous sample time and non-floating point data type
Check usage of Merge blocks
Check usage of Outport blocks
Check usage of Discrete-Time Integrator blocks
Check data store block sample times for modeling errors
Check model settings for migration to simplified initialization mode
Check for potential ordering issues involving data store access
Identify questionable operations for strict single-precision design
Check Model History properties
Check for case mismatches in references to models and libraries

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