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Search and open examples, models, and projects

Since R2022a



    modelfinder(searchTerm) displays a numbered list of examples, models, and projects available in databases that match the search term and prompts you to enter a corresponding number to open any search result. Other options in the prompt include q to quit and m to see more results.

    Model Finder supports keyword-based searches and natural language queries. When you enter a search term, Model Finder matches your search term with the model names, example names, model paths, description, annotation, block names, and block types in the databases selected for searching. For more information on setting search databases with Model Finder, see modelfinder.setSearchDatabase. The search results that appear indented and prefixed with > are Simulink® models that are a part of an example or project.


    modelfinder(___,Name=Value) specifies search options using one or more name-value arguments in addition to the input argument combination in the previous syntax. For example, your search query can be a combination of the search term and block names.


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    Search for models in the search databases using the search term autosar.

       1. Generate AUTOSAR C Code and XML Descriptions
            > autosar_swc
       2. Create and Configure AUTOSAR Software Component
       3.   > autosar_swc
       4. Modeling Patterns for AUTOSAR Runnables
       5.   > autosar_swc_fcncalls
       6.   > autosar_swc_slfcns
       7. Import AUTOSAR Package into Component Model
            > autosar_swc
       8. AUTOSAR Code Replacement Library Example for IFX/IFL Function Replacement
            > mAutosarLutObjs
       9. Configure Subcomponent Data for AUTOSAR Calibration and Measurement
      10.   > autosar_component
      11.   > autosar_subcomponent
      12. Configure AUTOSAR Runnables and Events Using Property and Map Functions
      13. Design and Simulate AUTOSAR Components and Generate Code
      14.   > autosar_composition
      15.   > autosar_swc_actuator
      16.   > autosar_swc_controller
      17.   > autosar_swc_monitor
      18.   > autosar_swc_pedal_sensor
      19.   > autosar_swc_throttle_sensor
      20.   > autosar_system
    Showing 1-20 of 225 matches. Enter (m) for more results.
    Enter the example number you want to open (choose number)...
    OR see more results (m) OR quit (q)

    Note, running the same query may produce different results depending on the MathWorks® Examples database version.

    Search for models in the search databases using the search term solar panel models in simulink.

    modelfinder("solar panel models in simulink")
       1. Photovoltaic Thermal (PV/T) Hybrid Solar Panel
            > sscv_hybrid_solar_panel
       2. Solar Panel Parameterization Validation
            > SolarPanelValidation
       3. Stand-Alone Solar PV AC Power System with Battery Backup
            > SolarPVACWithBattery
       4. Stand-Alone Solar PV DC Power System with Battery Backup
            > SolarPVDCWithBattery
       5. Solar PV System with MPPT Using Boost Converter
            > SolarPVMPPTBoost
       6. Three-Phase Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic System
            > GridConnectedPV
       7. DC Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicles with Solar Cogeneration
            > DCFastChargingStation
       8. Microgrid Planned Islanding from Main Grid
            > MicrogridPlannedIslanding
       9. Microgrid Resynchronization with Main Grid
            > MicrogridResynchronization
      10. Peak Shaving with Battery Energy Storage System
            > sscv_peak_shaving
      11. Single-Phase Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic System
            > SinglePhaseGridSolarPV
      12. Using the Worm and Gear Constraint Block - Solar Tracker
            > WormAndGearConstraint
      13. Photovoltaic Generator
            > PhotovoltaicGenerator
      14. Mars Helicopter System-Level Design
            > MarsHelicopterDesign
      15. Mars Helicopter System-Level Design
            > marsHelicopterSystem
      16. Solar Power Inverter
            > SolarPowerInverter
      17. Solar Cell Power Curve
            > SolarCellPowerCurve
      18. Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic System Shading
            > PhotovoltaicShading
      19. Simplified Model of a Small Scale Micro-Grid
            > SmallScaleMicroGrid
    Enter the example number you want to open (choose number) OR quit (q) :

    Note, running the same query may produce different results depending on the database version.

    Search for models in the search databases that contain specific search terms and blocks. For example, you can filter for models that contain the search term fluid and have a block named condenser.

       1. Two-Phase Fluid Refrigeration
            > TwoPhaseFluidRefrigeration
       2. Residential Ground Source Heat Pump
            > ResidentialGroundSourceHeatPump
       3. Residential Air Source Heat Pump
            > ResidentialAirSourceHeatPump
       4. sscfluids_refrigeration_step2
       5. sscfluids_refrigeration_step3
       6. sscfluids_refrigeration_step4
       7. sscfluids_refrigeration_step5
       8. sscfluids_refrigeration_step6
       9. Condenser and Evaporator Heat Transfer
            > CondenserAndEvaporatorHeatTransfer
      10. Residential Refrigerator
            > ResidentialRefrigerator
      11. Rankine Cycle (Steam Turbine)
            > RankineCycleSteamTurbine
      12. Refrigeration Cycle (Air Conditioning)
            > RefrigerationCycleAirConditioning
      13. Data Center Cooling
            > DataCenterCooling
      14. Electric Vehicle Thermal Management
            > ElectricVehicleThermalManagement
      15. Liquid Air Energy Storage System
            > LiquidAirEnergyStorageSystem
    Enter the example number you want to open (choose number) OR quit (q) :

    Note, running the same query may produce different results depending on the database version.

    Input Arguments

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    Search string to find examples, models, and projects in selected databases, specified as a string scalar or character vector. Searches are case-insensitive and disregards special characters.

    Example: "autosar"

    Example: "pmsm models using discrete pulse generator"

    Data Types: string | char

    Name-Value Arguments

    Specify optional pairs of arguments as Name1=Value1,...,NameN=ValueN, where Name is the argument name and Value is the corresponding value. Name-value arguments must appear after other arguments, but the order of the pairs does not matter.

    Example: modelfinder("fluid",blocks="condenser") finds models with the search term fluid having a block named condenser.

    Name or type of blocks used to filter the search results, specified as a string scalar or character vector for a single block, or a string array or cell array of character vectors for multiple blocks.


    Filtering using blocks cannot be combined with searches using natural language queries.

    Example: blocks="gain"

    Example: blocks=["Unit Delay","Mux","Ramp"]

    Data Types: string | char | cell

    Option to display additional information related to the search results, specified as one of these values:

    • "off" — Displays only the names of the matched examples, models, and projects.

    • "on" — Displays the names of the matched examples, models, and projects with these additional details:

      • Model path — Path to the Simulink model.

      • Source — Name of the example component, if the model is a part of an example.

      • Matched in — Locations of the text that matches the search terms. This includes the model name, example name, model path, description, annotation, block names, and block type.

      • Matched text — Matching search terms.

    Example: verbose="on"

    Number of search results displayed per page, specified as a numeric scalar.

    Example: resultsPerPage = 5

    Data Types: double

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022a

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