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모델, 블록 및 포트 콜백

모델 열기와 같은 이벤트를 모델링하기 위한 코드 실행


set_param시스템 파라미터 값과 블록 파라미터 값 설정
get_param파라미터 이름과 값 가져오기
getCallbackAnnotationGet annotation executing callback


Simulink.AnnotationCreate and specify properties of text, image, and area annotations

예제 및 방법

  • Model Callbacks

    Specify MATLAB® code that executes at certain action points for models, for example, after the model loads or when you save it.

  • Block Callbacks

    Set block callbacks that execute when blocks are loaded, opened, or edited.

  • Port Callbacks

    Set callbacks on input and output ports that execute every time the connectivity of these ports changes.

  • View and Trace Callbacks in Models

    View and trace all the callbacks executed in a model.