Events, event actions, run-time control

You can write actions for many events using MATLAB® code or Simulink Functions. Each block for which you can create actions has an Event Actions tab. For more information on events and event actions, see Role of Events in a SimEvents Model and Events and Event Actions.


Entity Batch CreatorCreate batch of entities
Entity GeneratorGenerate Entities
Entity QueueEnqueue entities
Entity ServerServe entities
Entity StoreStore entities
Entity TerminatorTerminate entities
Resource AcquirerAcquire entity resources


Events and Event Actions

In a discrete-event simulation, an event is an observation of an instantaneous incident that may change a state variable, an output, and/or the occurrence of other events.

Event Action Languages and Random Number Generation

Use supported event action languages and randomization methods.

Generate Entities When Events Occur

Use events to determine when to generate an entity.

Livelock Prevention

Prevent infinite loops.

Entity Priorities

SimEvents® software uses entity priorities to prioritize events.

Run Computations on Events

Run computations on events using event actions.

Write Event Actions for Legacy Models

When migrating legacy SimEvents models, you often must create event actions.