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Array of compartments in model or compartment


Compartments shows you a read-only array of SimBiology® compartment objects in the model object and the compartment object. In the model object, the Compartments property indicates all the compartments in a Model object as a flat list. In the compartment object, the Compartments property indicates other compartments that are referenced within the compartment. The two instances of Compartments are illustrated in Examples.

You can add a compartment object using the method addcompartment.


Applies toObjects: compartment, model
Data typeArray of compartment objects
Data valuesCompartment object. Default is [] (empty).


  1. Create a model object named modelObj.

    modelObj = sbiomodel('cell');
  2. Add two compartments to the model object.

    compartmentObj1 = addcompartment(modelObj, 'nucleus');
    compartmentObj2 = addcompartment(modelObj, 'mitochondrion');
  3. Add a compartment to one of the compartment objects.

    compartmentObj3 = addcompartment(compartmentObj2, 'matrix');
  4. Display the Compartments property in the model object.

    get(modelObj, 'Compartments')
    SimBiology Compartment Array
       Index:    Name:            Capacity:    CapacityUnits:
       1         nucleus          1            
       2         mitochondrion    1            
       3         matrix           1  
  5. Display the Compartments property in the compartment object.

    get(compartmentObj2, 'Compartments')
    SimBiology Compartment - matrix 
       Compartment Components:
         Capacity:          1
         Compartments:      0
         ConstantCapacity:  true
         Owner:             mitochondrion
         Species:           0