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Status of link closure between first and last node


    s = linkStatus(lnk) returns the link closure status history between the first and last node in the input Link object.

    s = linkStatus(lnk,timeIn) returns the link closure status at the specified datetime in timeIn.

    [s,timeOut] = linkStatus(___) returns the link closure status and the corresponding times in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

    Input Arguments

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    Link analysis object, specified as a Link object scalar.

    Time at which the output is calculated, specified as a scalar. If you do not specify a time zone, then the time zone is assumed to be UTC.

    Outputs Arguments

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    Link closure status, returned as a row vector of logical values. If timeIn is specified, s is a row vector, otherwise, the output is a scalar. The status at a given instant is 1 (true) if the link between first and last node is closed. The link between the first and last node is closed when the link between each individual pair of intermediate adjacent nodes in the Sequence property of the link is closed.

    • For a given pair, the link is considered to be closed when both nodes belong to the same satellite or ground station.

    • Otherwise, the link between the pair is closed if the directionality is from a transmitter to a receiver and the energy per bit to noise power spectral density ratio (Eb/No) at the receiver is greater than its RequiredEbNo.

    • Additionally, if a given node is attached to a ground station directly or via a gimbal, the elevation angle of the adjacent node with respect to the ground station must be greater than or equal to its MinElevationAngle.

    Time samples of output link status, returned as a scalar or a vector. If time history of link status is returned, timeOut is a row vector.

    Introduced in R2021a