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Design hairpin filter around specified frequency

Since R2021b


hpfilter = design(hpfilterobj,frequency) designs a hairpin filter around the specified frequency.


hpfilter = design(___,Name=Value) designs a hairpin filter with additional options specified by name-value arguments.


PCB components designed using the design function operate around the specified frequency with a 10-15% tolerance.


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Design a Hairpin filter with a Chebyshev response at 1.8 GHz and a fractional bandwidth of 10 percent.

hpfilt = design(filterHairpin,1.8e9,FBW=10,FilterType='Chebyshev');

Design a 5th order tapped input hairpin filter with a Chebyshev response at 1.8 GHz and a fractional bandwidth of 10 percent.

hpfilt = filterHairpin(FeedType='Tapped')
hpfilt = 
  filterHairpin with properties:

           Resonator: [1x1 ubendRightAngle]
         FilterOrder: 3
     ResonatorOffset: [0 0 0]
             Spacing: [4.0000e-04 4.0000e-04]
      PortLineLength: 0.0080
       PortLineWidth: 0.0050
          FeedOffset: [-0.0055 -0.0055]
            FeedType: 'Tapped'
              Height: 0.0016
    GroundPlaneWidth: 0.0567
           Substrate: [1x1 dielectric]
           Conductor: [1x1 metal]
          IsShielded: 0

hpfilt.FilterOrder = 5;
hpfilt = design(hpfilt, 1.8e9,FBW=10,FilterType='Chebyshev');

View the filter.


Input Arguments

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Hairpin filter, specified as a filterHairpin object.

Example: hpfilterobj = filterHairpin; design(hpfilterobj,2e9) designs a hairpin filter around a frequency of 2 GHz.

Design frequency of the hairpin filter, specified as a real positive scalar in hertz.

Example: 5e9

Data Types: double

Name-Value Arguments

Example: RippleFactor=0.02

Type of filter, specified as 'Butterworth', or 'Chebyshev'.

Data Types: char | string

Passband factor of the Chebyshev filter, specified as positive scalar in decibels. For Butterworth filter, the passband factor is not required.

Data Types: double

Output Arguments

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Hairpin filter operating around the specified frequency, returned as a filterHairpin object.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b

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