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Access transient results for specified time steps

Since R2023b



subsetR = filterByIndex(results,inds) accesses transient results corresponding to the specified time steps.


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Analyze heat transfer in a cylinder.

Create an femodel object for solving a transient thermal problem, and assign a geometry representing a cylinder to the model.

model = femodel(AnalysisType="thermalTransient", ...

Plot the geometry.


Assuming that the heat sink is made of copper, specify the thermal conductivity, mass density, and specific heat.

model.MaterialProperties = ...
    materialProperties(ThermalConductivity=400, ...
                       MassDensity=8960, ...

Specify the Stefan-Boltzmann constant.

model.StefanBoltzmann = 5.670367e-8;

Apply the temperature boundary condition on the bottom surface of the cylinder.

model.FaceBC(1) = faceBC(Temperature=1000);

Specify the convection and radiation parameters on the top and side surfaces of the cylinder.

model.FaceLoad([2 3]) = faceLoad(ConvectionCoefficient=5, ...
                                 AmbientTemperature=300, ...

Set the initial temperature to the ambient temperature.

model.CellIC = cellIC(Temperature=300);

Generate a mesh.

model = generateMesh(model);

Solve the transient thermal problem at 0, 0.1, and 0.2 seconds.

results = solve(model,0:0.1:0.2);

Plot the temperature distribution for each time step. Access the results for each step by using the filterByIndex function.

for i = 1:length(results.SolutionTimes)
  resultsByStep = filterByIndex(results,i);
  clim([300 1000])
  title({['Time = ' num2str(results.SolutionTimes(i)) 's']})

Now, use the transient thermal results obtained for the second time step as the initial temperature of the cylinder.

R = filterByIndex(results,2);
model.CellIC = cellIC(Temperature=R);

Solve the transient thermal problem for the 10 time steps between 0.1 and 0.11 second.

results_01_011 = solve(model,linspace(0.1,0.11,10));

Input Arguments

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Solution of a structural or thermal problem, specified as a TransientStructuralResults object or a TransientThermalResults object. Create results by using solve.

Time steps, specified as a vector of positive integers.

Output Arguments

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Solutions corresponding to specified time steps, returned as a TransientStructuralResults object or a TransientThermalResults object.

Version History

Introduced in R2023b