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작업 제출 및 결과

작업 실행 및 결과 수집


모두 확장

batch워커에서 MATLAB 스크립트 또는 함수 실행
submit스케줄러에서 작업을 대기열에 넣기
getTaskSchedulerIDsScheduler IDs of tasks in job
wait작업 상태가 변경될 때까지 대기
fetchOutputsRetrieve output arguments from all tasks in job
diaryDisplay or save Command Window text of batch job
loadLoad workspace variables from batch job

예제 및 방법

Program Independent Jobs

The tasks in an independent job do not directly communicate with each other and are independent.

Program Communicating Jobs

Discover the differences between independent and communicating jobs


Job Monitor

Manage your jobs using the Job Monitor