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Entering Commands

Build and run MATLAB® statements

While working in MATLAB, you issue commands that create variables and call functions. For an introduction, see Enter Statements in Command Window.


ansMost recent answer
clcClear Command Window
diaryLog Command Window text to file
formatSet output display format for Command Window
homeSend cursor home
iskeywordDetermine whether input is MATLAB keyword
moreControl paged output in Command Window
commandwindowSelect the Command Window
commandhistoryOpen Command History window


DisplayFormatOptionsOutput display format in Command Window


Enter Statements in Command Window

Enter individual statements in the Command Window while working in MATLAB.

Format Output

Format the output display in the Command Window and the Live Editor.

Calling Functions

MATLAB provides a large number of functions that perform computational tasks. To call a function, enclose its input arguments in parentheses.

Stop Execution

Stop the execution of a MATLAB command.

Rerun Favorite Commands

A MATLAB favorite command is an easy way to run a group of MATLAB commands that you use regularly.

Write to a Diary File

To keep an activity log of your MATLAB session, use the diary function.

Find Text in Command Window or History

Search text currently in the Command Window or Command History Window.

Set Command Window Preferences

Specify appearance and behavior of the Command Window and its output.

Set Command History Preferences

Specify how often to save automatically the history file and the types of statements to exclude.

Set Keyboard Preferences

Settings for delimiter matching in the Command Window, Editor, and Live Editor.


Resolve Error: Undefined Function or Variable

Troubleshoot error message related to undefined function or variable.