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List of available instrument drivers for Quick-Control interfaces



drivers(rf) lists the drivers for RF signal generator object rf. It returns a list of drivers for the Quick-Control RF Signal Generator, Quick-Control Oscilloscope, or Quick-Control Function Generator objects. It also lists instrument model information for each driver.


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The drivers function can list drivers available for any of the Quick-Control interface objects: RF signal generator (rfsiggen), oscilloscope (oscilloscope), or function generator (fgen). This example uses Quick-Control RF Signal Generator, but the function also works in the same way for the other two object types.

Create an RF signal generator object without assigning the resource or driver.

rf = rfsiggen;

List the drivers.

ans = 

     Driver: AgRfSigGen_SCPI
     Supported Models:
     E4428C, E4438C

     Driver: RsRfSigGen_SCPI
     Supported Models:
     SMW200A, SMBV100A, SMU200A, SMJ100A, AMU200A, SMATE200A

     Driver: AgRfSigGen
     Supported Models:

In this case, it finds the drivers for a Keysight® (formerly Agilent®) SCPI-based RF signal generator, a Rohde & Schwarz SCPI-based generator, and another Keysight generator. You can see that it lists supported models in each case.

Set the RF signal generator resource using the Resource property, which is the VISA resource string.

rf.Resource = 'TCPIP0::';

Set the RF signal generator driver using the Driver property. The driver name came from using the drivers function in step 2.

rf.Driver = 'AgRfSigGen';

You can now connect to the instrument.


Version History

Introduced in R2017b