Load fuzzy inference system from file

You can load a fuzzy inference system (FIS) from a .fis file using the readfis function. To save a FIS to a file, use the writeFIS function.


Do not manually edit the contents of a .fis file. Doing so can produce unexpected results when loading the file using readfis.


fis = readfis(fileName)
fis = readfis



fis = readfis(fileName) reads a FIS from the file specified by fileName.

fis = readfis opens a dialog box for selecting and opening loading a .fis file.


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Load the fuzzy system stored in the file tipper.fis.

fis = readfis('tipper')
fis = 
  mamfis with properties:

                       Name: "tipper"
                  AndMethod: "min"
                   OrMethod: "max"
          ImplicationMethod: "min"
          AggregationMethod: "max"
      DefuzzificationMethod: "centroid"
                     Inputs: [1x2 fisvar]
                    Outputs: [1x1 fisvar]
                      Rules: [1x3 fisrule]
    DisableStructuralChecks: 0

	See 'getTunableSettings' method for parameter optimization.

Input Arguments

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File name specified as a string or character vector with or without the .fis extension. This file must be in the current working directory or on the MATLAB® path.

Output Arguments

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Fuzzy inference system, returned as one of the following:

  • mamfis object — Mamdani fuzzy inference system

  • sugfis object — Sugeno fuzzy inference system

Compatibility Considerations

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Not recommended starting in R2018b

Introduced before R2006a