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Data Type Conversion and Casting

Conversion from one data type to another

Data type conversion and casting refers to changing from one data type to another. Fixed-Point Designer™ lets you create and optimize data types that meet numerical accuracy requirements and target hardware constraints.


Parameter and Signal Conversions

Conversions of data types of parameters and signals in Simulink® simulations.

Conversions and Arithmetic Operations

Example highlighting how the data types are converted and arithmetic operations are performed on inputs and parameters in the Simulink software.

Fixed-Point Arithmetic

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, casts, modulo, and two’s complement arithmetic.

Cast from Doubles to Fixed Point

Example based on the fxpdemo_dbl2fix model, which highlights many of the key features of the Fixed-Point Designer software.

Display Port Data Types

Three parts of the port display for fixed-point signals: the data type, the number of bits, and the scaling.

fi Objects and C Integer Data Types

Comparison of ANSI C integer data type ranges, conversions, and exception handling with those of fi objects.

Cast fi Objects

Information on casting fi objects.

Featured Examples