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Create receiver System object for USRP embedded series radio hardware

Add-On Required: This feature requires the Communications Toolbox Support Package for USRP Embedded Series Radio add-on.



rx = sdrrx(DeviceName) creates a receiver System object™ with default properties that receives data from the USRP™ embedded series radio hardware specified by DeviceName. The object receives data over a gigabit Ethernet network connection.

When you call the receiver System object, the object connects to the radio hardware. The object stays connected until you call the release function. For more information on how to use the object, see the documentation of the corresponding System object.

rx = sdrrx(DeviceName,Name,Value) specifies additional properties using one or more name-value arguments.


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Make sure your radio hardware is configured for host-radio communication by following the steps in Guided Host-Radio Hardware Setup.

Create a receiver System object for your radio hardware with the specified properties. Use a single channel.

rx = sdrrx('E3xx', ...
    'IPAddress','', ...
    'CenterFrequency',2.2e9, ...
    'BasebandSampleRate',800e3, ...    
rx = 
  comm.SDRRxE3xx with properties:

                DeviceName: 'E3xx'
                 IPAddress: ''
           CenterFrequency: 2.2000e+09
                GainSource: 'AGC Slow Attack'
            ChannelMapping: 1
        BasebandSampleRate: 800000
            OutputDataType: 'int16'
           SamplesPerFrame: 20000
           EnableBurstMode: false
    ShowAdvancedProperties: false

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Create a log for recording data.

Log = dsp.SignalSink;

Receive and validate data by using the receiver System object. Save valid data using the log.

for counter = 1:20
    [data,validData,overflow] = rx();
    if validData == 1 
        if overflow ~=1 % contiguous data
        disp('Not valid data.');
## Establishing connection to hardware. This process can take several seconds.

Input Arguments

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Name of USRP embedded series radio hardware, specified as 'E3xx'. You can interface with any of these radio hardware devices:

  • USRP E310

  • USRP E312

Data Types: char | string

Name-Value Arguments

Specify optional pairs of arguments as Name1=Value1,...,NameN=ValueN, where Name is the argument name and Value is the corresponding value. Name-value arguments must appear after other arguments, but the order of the pairs does not matter.

Before R2021a, use commas to separate each name and value, and enclose Name in quotes.

Example: 'CenterFrequency',2.5e9

For a full list of property names and values, see the properties of the returned receiver System object, rx.

Output Arguments

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Receiver for the specified radio hardware, returned as a comm.SDRRxE3xx System object.

Version History

Introduced in R2016b