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Scaling factor for normalizing modulation output


normfactor = modnorm(refconst,type,power)



normfactor = modnorm(refconst,type,power) returns a scale factor for normalizing a PAM or QAM modulator output using the specified reference constellation, normalization type, and output power.


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Generate a 16-QAM reference constellation.

refconst = qammod(0:15,16);

Generate random symbols and apply 16-QAM modulation.

x = randi([0 15],1000,1);
y = qammod(x,16);

Plot the constellation.

h = scatterplot(y);

Compute the normalization factor so that the output signal has a peak power of 1 W.

nf = modnorm(refconst,'peakpow',1);
z = nf*y;

Confirm that no element of the normalized signal has a power greater than 1 W.

ans = 1.0000

Plot the scatter plot of the normalized constellation.

hold on
hold off

Input Arguments

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Reference constellation, specified as a vector of complex elements that comprise the reference constellation points.

Example: qammod(0:15,16)

Data Types: double | single
Complex Number Support: Yes

Normalization type, specified as either 'avpow' or 'peakpow'.

  • If type is 'avpow', the normalization factor is calculated based on average power.

  • If type is 'peakpow', the normalization factor is calculated based on peak power.

Data Types: char

Target power, specified as a real scalar. The target power is the intended power of the modulated signal multiplied by normfactor.

Data Types: double | single

Output Arguments

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Normalization factor, returned as a real scalar. When a modulated signal is multiplied by the normalization factor, its average or peak power matches the target power. The function assumes that the signal you want to normalize has a minimum distance of 2.

Data Types: double | single

Introduced before R2006a