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Export Variation Points for AUTOSAR Calibration Data

You can export variation points for AUTOSAR calibration data, including:

  • Parameters — Calibration, shared internal, instance-specific, or constant memory

  • Per-instance memory — C- typed or AR-typed

  • Inter-runnable variables (IRVs) — Implicit or explicit

You can model calibration data in combination with different types of variant conditions. Model the variant conditions by using Variant Source and Variant Sink blocks, Variant Subsystem, Variant Model, Variant Assembly Subsystem blocks. When you build your model, the exported AUTOSAR XML (ARXML) files contain the conditionally used data elements and their variation points.

For example, suppose that you open an AUTOSAR component model containing a Variant Subsystem block, which models two variant implementations of a subsystem, VAR1 and VAR2.

In VAR1, which is enabled when rainSensor == 1, you define a parameter named scale and reference it in a block. When you build the model, the exported ARXML contains a variation point description for the parameter. In the variation point SHORT-LABEL, the parameter name is prefixed with vp. In this example, the description indicates that the scale parameter is used when variant condition rainSensor == 1 is true.

      /vss_pkg/vss_dt/SystemConstants/rainSensor</SYSC-REF> == 1</SW-SYSCOND>

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