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Transmission and Drivetrain

Transmissions, torque converters, differentials, and controllers

In powertrains, the transmission and drivetrain comprise the driveline. Transmissions convert engine torque to drive shaft torque. Drivetrains convert the drive shaft torque to axle torque. Use the transmission and drivetrain blocks to assemble drivelines for torque capacity sizing and gear ratio impact on performance.


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Limited Slip DifferentialLimited differential as a planetary bevel gear
Open DifferentialDifferential as a planetary bevel gear
Longitudinal WheelLongitudinal wheel with disc, drum, or mapped brake
Automated Manual TransmissionIdeal automated manual transmission
Continuously Variable TransmissionPush belt continuously variable transmission with independent radii control
Dual Clutch TransmissionDual clutch transmission that applies torque to the drive shaft
Ideal Fixed Gear TransmissionIdeal fixed gear transmission without clutch or synchronization
AMT ControllerAutomated manual transmission controller with clutch open, close, and synchronization timing
CVT ControllerContinuously variable transmission controller
DCT ControllerDual clutch transmission controller
Disc ClutchIdealized disc clutch coupler
GearboxIdeal rotational gearbox
Planetary GearIdeal planetary gear with sun, ring, and carrier
Rotational InertiaIdeal mechanical rotational inertia
Split Torsional ComplianceSplit torsional coupler
Torque ConverterThree-part torque converter consisting of an impeller, turbine, and stator
Torsional ComplianceParallel spring-damper