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Extract Audio Features

Streamline audio feature extraction in the Live Editor


The Extract Audio Features task enables you to configure an optimized feature extraction pipeline by selecting features and parameters graphically. You can reuse the output from Extract Audio Features to apply feature extraction to entire data sets. The task automatically generates MATLAB® code for your live script.

Using this task, you can:

  • Extract features of audio signals common to machine learning and deep learning workflows.

  • Create a feature extraction object for use with large data sets.

To learn more about interactive tasks in live scripts, see Add Interactive Tasks to a Live Script.

Extract Audio Features task in Live Editor

Open the Task

  • On the Live Editor tab, select Task > Extract Audio Features.

  • In a code block in the script, type a relevant keyword, such as extract, audio, or feature. Select Extract Audio Features from the suggested command completions.


The Extract Audio Features task provides a graphical user interface to configure an audioFeatureExtractor object. For details on the configuration parameters, see audioFeatureExtractor.

Introduced in R2020a