Polyspace for C/C++ Code Verification

This Two-day course discusses the use of Polyspace® products to prove code correctness, improve software quality metrics, and ensure product integrity. This hands-on course is intended for engineers who develop software or models targeting embedded systems. Topics include:

  • Creating a verification project
  • Reviewing and understanding verification results
  • Emulating target execution environments
  • Handling missing functions and data
  • Managing unproven code (color-coded in orange by Polyspace products
  • Applying MISRA® rules
  • Reporting

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일정 및 등록

수강자 필수조건

Strong knowledge of C, C++, or Ada Products

일정 및 등록

결과 1 - 5 / 5
날짜 지역 언어 가격 등록
2019 년08월08일-
2019 년08월09일
오전 9:00 - 오후 5:00 미 동부 서머타임
English USD 1,500
2019 년10월03일-
2019 년10월04일
프랑스, Paris (Meudon) French EUR 1,400
2019 년10월28일-
2019 년10월29일
US, Michigan, Novi English USD 1,500
2019 년11월05일-
2019 년11월06일
중국, 北京 Chinese CNY 6,000
2019 년11월28일-
2019 년11월29일
인도, Bangalore English INR 30,000
결과 1 - 5 / 5

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