In this webinar you will learn techniques and practices in Model-Based Design to verify and validate software designs and embedded code using MathWorks tools. We will address requirements driven...
MATLAB and Simulink models used for design of embedded systems capture a great deal of information that are often not documented elsewhere. Some of this information can include implicit requirements...
In this webinar we have a moderated discussion about the practical application of formal verification technologies in MATLAB and Simulink .
This presentation discusses the implementation of Model-Based Design for developing a complex system of wayside and train-side control systems, interlocking, track elements, and supervision level.
Best practices for DO-178 include key considerations, methods, and fundamental capabilities of Model-Based Design that span the software development process from modeling
Companies building complex electronics for the commercial and military aviation market often struggle with achieving DO-254 compliance. It is an increasingly common requirement for both military and commercial projects. Compliance can be time consumi
This webinar provides a high level overview of the workflow for developing systems to meet aerospace certification requirements. The workflow will be demonstrated using a Helicopter flight control system example.