Software Process Improvement (SPI) Consulting Services

Support for constructing an efficient software development process


  • Fit gap analysis for Model-Based Design
  • Guidance in defining company usage of Model-Based Design
  • Consulting support for implementing Model-Based Design
  • Tools assessment for successfully establishing Model-Based Design


Information Service International-dentsu provides consulting services for change management and baseline management mainly for automotive ECU development divisions using MATLAB® and Simulink®. Consulting services range from requirement analysis to test management. We analyze the existing process and suggest both an efficient development process and a concrete method to realize it.

Our goal is to help automotive OEMs and suppliers establish a software development process using MATLAB and Simulink even in the production stage. We provide processes and systems that enable large organizations to control the configuration of model files, simulation data files, and MATLAB code together with control requirement documents and automatically produced C code source files.

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