VSG2/5 Visual Stimulus Generator

Programmable stimulator for vision research applications


  • Ultra-high 15-bit output resolution per color channel
  • Dedicated on-board processor for high-speed LUT animation
  • Integrated digital and analog I/O interface
  • Hardware reaction time measurements
  • Software API for 32-bit Windows
  • Unlimited free technical and programming support


The VSG2/5 is the latest in our range of visual stimulus generators that are designed specifically for vision science applications. The unique hardware design produces 15 bits of effective output resolution per color channel for very high resolution contrast and color control. The system is designed to run autonomously from the host computer, so when stimulus generation has commenced the VSG2/5 needs very little intervention. The PC can therefore be dedicated to operations such as running the experiment or controlling data collection.

The VSG2/5 is suitable for all types of vision science experiments, including psychophysics, electrophysiology, cognitive neuroscience, and functional imaging studies. The latest VSG interface to MATLAB contains much improved support for vectorized programming, psychophysical methods, gaze tracking using the Video Eyetracker Toolbox, cone color spaces, dot plotting, and classic psychophysical experiment demonstrations.

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  • Windows


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Product Type

  • Lab Experiments


  • Vision science


  • Biotech and Pharmaceutical

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