Orbitus ED - Orbital Mechanics Simulator

MATLAB-based software tool for quick spacecraft orbit visualization and analysis


  • Offers a user interface written in MATLAB
  • Displays satellite orbits, orbit transfers, and rendezvous
  • Generates usable data associated with trajectories and maneuvers
  • Generates satellite ground track and trajectory
  • Offers three-dimensional graphics
  • Useful in visualizing the three-dimensional attributes of orbits


Orbitus ED Orbital Mechanics Simulator displays satellite orbits, orbit transfers, rendezvous, and generates usable data associated with these trajectories and maneuvers. Designed to fill a need for affordable, user-friendly software, Orbitus ED is an academic educational tool intended for engineering, physics, and astronomy students, as well as professors of introductory orbital mechanics. It can also be used in industry for quick visualization and analysis of satellite orbits. The software can generate a satellite ground track or trajectory with high quality graphics. Orbitus ED allows the user to modify and visualize various orbits, can convert between Keplerian and position and velocity type orbit elements, compute Hohmann and bi-elliptic orbit transfers, as well as compute information about the relative motion between a primary and secondary spacecraft in near proximity to the primary vehicle. In addition, given rendezvous duration, Orbitus ED computes the energy and path required to rendezvous with another orbit.

Orbitus ED Orbital Mechanics Simulator uses the plotting capabilities of MATLAB® for generating and displaying orbits. Typical end users of Orbitus ED are college-level professors and students of physics, astronomy and introductory orbital mechanics. Secondary school teachers as well as astronomy enthusiasts will also benefit from this software.

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