Electronic control made easy for mobile machines


  • Complete solutions with control modules, displays, instrument clusters, operator input devices, and sensors
  • Hardware component featuring rugged design and excellent ergonomics
  • IQANdesign - Intuitive, high-level graphic design tool for easy development of safe machine functionality
  • IQANsimulate – Simulation tool for hardware modules, enabling safer testing of new applications versus on actual machines
  • IQANrun – Service tool to diagnose the complete system
  • IQAN Toolbox for Simulink - Tools to deploy generated code based on Simulink® models to IQAN modules with a single send operation


IQAN is a control system developed with a primary focus on mobile machine applications and functional safety. It contains a range of rugged standard hardware components such as controllers, I/O extensions, instrument displays, operator input devices, and sensors. The IQAN software suite contains a range of software that is used to support the complete lifecycle of the system, from system design, to verification, to production and finally aftermarket support.

  • IQANdesign - a high-level graphical design tool that simplifies application development and configuration for your mobile machine and reduces development time. This tool is used for system layout and machine function design.
  • IQANrun - a user-friendly service and production tool for machine owners and maintenance operations. It includes a powerful, graphical measurement capability and simplifies machine tuning for increased productivity. It may be used by the service department and can be adapted to feature machine-specific procedures for maintenance, fault finding, and web supported machine upgrades.
  • IQANscript - a tool to help OEM production departments create routines for testing, tuning, setting options, logging, delivery sheets, and more. With IQANscript you create scripts using simple drag-and-drop operations. Each script is a sequence of actions that can be executed in IQANrun.
  • IQANsimulate – a free tool which simulates all of the hardware modules in the users design, and works with IQANdesign and the IQAN Toolbox for Simulink. This simplifies functional test and validation and reduces development time.   Software simulation is a safer way to test new applications than on an actual machine. Simulate may also be used with IQANscript for debugging your scripts before sending them to the production floor or field.
  • IQANanalyze - a free general-purpose CAN-bus analyzer used with IQANdesign. It may be installed to view CAN traffic on the bus.

Typical IQAN customers develop mobile machine applications for the construction machinery, buses and RVs, forestry machines, material handling, agriculture equipment, and specialty trucks sectors. IQAN is suitable for R&D departments and simulation engineers who need a reliable standard product platform for implementing functionality developed in Simulink. The tedious manual coding work normally associated with hardware deployment can more or less be eliminated, ensuring an unprecedented fast time to market.

Using the IQAN Toolbox for Simulink makes it easy to export Simulink models for use with compatible IQAN master modules in IQANdesign. The toolbox is a code generation target for Embedded Coder. It contains a .tlc file that compiles and packages the code into an .ism file (IQAN Simulink Model) that can be imported and easily connected to machine functionality executed in the IQAN-MC4x hardware. Users can integrate their Simulink models with their IQAN application using IQANdesign, simulate using IQANsimulate, and deploy the complete project to master modules with a single send operation. For more information, see the toolbox description.

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  • Industrial Controllers and PLCs


  • Control Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Real-Time Systems
  • System Modeling and Simulation


  • Automotive
  • Industrial Automation and Machinery
  • Metals, Materials, and Mining
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