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USRP B210 with GPSDO
Currently, the MathWorks USRP support package does not support a GPSDO clock source. However, if you have an alternative extern...

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unable to convert 'rsgenpoly' even though support is provided for c/c++ conversion
If you would like to generate C/C++ code with RS encode/decode functionality, you can try the RS System objects. The comm.RSEnc...

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MATLAB 2016b USRP Support Package. "findsdru" function does not recognize X310 model?
Please do update the UHD on your X310. You can use the _sdruload_ function to do so. That function is documented <https://www....

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How can i use the Offset 16QAM or Offset 64 QAM in communication toolbox - Matlab 2015b.
You can build up the offset QAM transmitter by doing the following: # Create the 16QAM or 64QAM signal with the Rectangular Q...

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findsdru error using Ubuntu Linux and MATLAB R2011a
Hi, You can fix this by launching a Linux command shell and executing: setenv LANG C, or setenv LANG en_US.ISO8859-1 ...

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